Torah Resources

Our Rav gives a number of weekly Shiurim in our shul and throughout the community.

Some of these shiurim are as follows (subject to change):

– Sunday Morning – Ohr HaTorah – 7:15AM
– Tuesday Morning – Bnai Yeshurun – 6:20AM – Kollel Boker
– Wednesday Evening – Bnai Yeshurun – 9:15PM – Shas Topics
– Shabbos Morning – Ohr HaTorah – 7:45AM – Shmiras Shabbas KiHilchisa
– Shabbos Afternoon – Ohr HaTorah – 15 Minutes before Mincha – Sichos Mussar

Recent Shiurim by the Rav on given in our shul and other locations:

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For shiurim by the Rav and other local shiurim, visit the Bergen County Beis Medrash Program website:

Download your copy of our recent Ohr HaTorah publications:

Aliyah L’Regel Pesach 5774
Aliyah L’Regel Rosh Hashana 5773

Aliyah L’Regel Pesach 5773

Daf Yomi Group:

To sign up for the weekly Insights to the Daf and Daf Yomi Chaburah information, please send an email to to join the list.