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Building Campaign

Thank You for Partnering With Us For 10 years, under the leadership of our Rav, Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky, a world-renowned posek and prolific lecturer, Congregation Ohr HaTorah has created a warm, community-focused institution, through inspiring tefillos, dynamic shiurim, and exciting programming for all ages and abilities. Baruch Hashem, this successful journey is evidenced in our present facili...
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Tu B’Av – Shabbos Nachamu 5775

Wishing everyone a beautiful Erev Shabbos. I want to express my thanks for enabling me to spend an inspiring Shabbos and Tisha B'Av together with all of you. As we approach Shabbos Nachamu and especially today being Tu B'Av we begin to focus on the future and look forward to seeing the words of Yeshayahu of Nachamu Nachamu Ami fulfilled. The word nechama is explained by Rashi to mean a change o...
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Unthinkable Horror

After many challenging months for Klal Yisrael the unthinkable horror of this week has touched a very sensitive nerve in the long history of the suffering of our People. Images of Jews being killed in shul while davening Shmoneh Esrei are a part of our history that we hoped were a thing of the past. We cry on Tisha B'Av and recount on Yom Kippur of our beloved Rabbanim such as Rabbi Akiva and Rabb...
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