Unthinkable Horror

After many challenging months for Klal Yisrael the unthinkable horror of this week has touched a very sensitive nerve in the long history of the suffering of our People. Images of Jews being killed in shul while davening Shmoneh Esrei are a part of our history that we hoped were a thing of the past. We cry on Tisha B'Av and recount on Yom Kippur of our beloved Rabbanim such as Rabbi Akiva and Rabb...
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משנכנס אב

We refer to the upcoming month we are about to declare this שבת as מנחם אב. These two names conjure up very different images. The words of Chazal of משנכנס אב ממעטים בשמחה, when אב begins we minimize our joy as this month is the most tragic of all months. Yet, we also affirm that this is a time of נחמה - of comfort and consolation. It is these diametrically opposed themes that express the mood of ...
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