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Dear Members and fellow community members,

I’m happy to announce the recent start of our NEW Shul Hashkama Minyan to help service our members as well as the greater community. The Hashkama Minyan takes place at 7am Shabbos morning at the Ohr Hatorah Youth House (26-28 Rector Court) and has already been received very warmly by all that attended. A weekly Parsha Chaburah, led by rotating members of the Minyan, and accompanied by a Hot Kiddush, follows.

With the Hashkama Minyan in place we have also changed the time of the main Minyan to 8:30am with youth groups and Junior congregation starting at 9am. The new time allows parents the opportunity to bring their children to Shul to attend youth groups and allows mothers to bring their children and then come to Shul and Daven.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Rabbi Elliot Moskowitz for being our trusted Shul Gabbai the past 8 years. Elliot has been a Gabbai par-excellence and his true dedication to this Avodos HaKodesh has been greatly appreciated. Elliot is not leaving us, but rather will be taking a stepped back role at the Hashkama Minyan.

I would also like to thank Yosef Korn for his outstanding leadership as Gabbai Sheni. Throughout the years, Yosef has coordinated the minyan on Shabbos and Yomim Noraim. His attention to every detail has caused the minyan to run flawlessly. Yosef will continue as a Board Member and we look forward to his participation and guidance for many years to come.

I would like to thank Josh Rozenberg who will be taking on the role as Gabbai Rishon and Yitz Novak as Gabbai Sheni in the main Minyan. We look forward to their leadership at the 8:30 Minyan. We wish them much hatzlacha in their new role.

We hope everyone enjoys these new additions and comes to utilize all that the Shul has to offer. If you would like to get involved with any of our minyanim please speak to myself or any of our Shul Board Members.

Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky

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