Tu B’Av – Shabbos Nachamu 5775

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Wishing everyone a beautiful Erev Shabbos. I want to express my thanks for enabling me to spend an inspiring Shabbos and Tisha B’Av together with all of you. As we approach Shabbos Nachamu and especially today being Tu B’Av we begin to focus on the future and look forward to seeing the words of Yeshayahu of Nachamu Nachamu Ami fulfilled.

The word nechama is explained by Rashi to mean a change of heart and perspective. As we pray that HaShem looks at us in a new light so too we must begin to look at ourselves with a new perspective. Rather than feeling rejected by HaShem as we may have felt on Tisha B’Av both as individuals and as a nation,we come to the realization that HaShem’s love for us knows no bounds. As we read the psukim of Shma in this weeks parsha about our obligation to love HaShem with all of our hearts,we are confident that HaShem reciprocates this love. Tu B’Av is a day dedicated to marriage.It also celebrates the reuniting of HaShem and His people. May this Tu B’Av-Shabbos Nachamu mark the beginning of a new era for the entire Jewish People.

Wishing everyone a Good Shabbos and we should all merit the Geula to arrive very soon.

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